The Department was set up in 2001 and operationalized in 2004 under the Faculty of Management. It was later transferred to the newly created Faculty of Computing and Management Science and it is still under the Faculty to date.

Its original head of Department was Mr Moya Musa, who is now  a Professor and the current Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Informatics.

In 2012, Dr Kizito Bada became its Head of Department up to 2013 when Dr. Robert Kyeyune took over from him.

In 2017,the department  has been renamed to Applied computing and Information Technology to emphasis the Applicability of Information Technology in all spheres of life.

The mandate is to teach all ICT and related course units in MUBS, supervise students in all ICT researchable areas but above all conduct research. A number of researches from different staff in the department have been published in peer reviewed journals over the years and am proud to state that the Department staff are actively involved in presentation of their researches in a number of conferences both local and international.


Dr.  Robert Kyeyune PHD



The changes that have taken place in the last 20 years have been primarily driven by business in their search for competitive advantage. Businesses have come up with new products driven primarily by new Technologies. A central element in business has been information communication technology. Most of the processes in the business have been computerized including accounts,human resource data-bases,production process, Invoicing and data collection. Nevertheless , the process of computerization in Uganda was slow at first,this could have been attributed to the high cost of computers then. With the reduction in IT costs, a number of organizations have now acquired computers and are adapting their businesses to modern computerized businesses.

Therefore the Department of  Applied Computing and Information Technology   provides graduates who can assist not only in the process of computerizing business processes but also help to run the computers themselves in business organizations.

The Department continuously strives to update its course units and teaching approaches to meet the ever changing business process requirements in the world.

Lastly l welcome all potential applicants to apply to join the department; it is indeed the place to be.

To be a benchmark of up-to-date ICT skills and knowledge Eastern Africa

To enable the future of our clients through creating and providing ICT knowledge and skills through research,Training and development

Department values

  • A Department that promotes creativity and Innovation
  • A research driven Department
  • An Information responsive Department  (covers both ICT and customer care)
  • A professionally responsive and ethical Department
  • A team driven Department
  • A time conscious Department


  • To provide quality and relevant business ICT enabled program
  • To enable students and clients in the Department acquire up to date ICT skills and knowledge
  • To ensure the Digitization of Departmental processes
  • To have a team of motivated staff

Presently, the Department has an input in all programmes of MUBS with over 120 courses– from Certificates to postgraduate programmes.

Existing Programmes

Bachelors Programmes

  • Bachelor of Business Computing (BBC)
  • Bachelor of Office and Information Management (BOIM)

Postgraduate Programmes (Managed by GRC)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Computing
  • Post graduate Diploma in E-commerce and Web design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in ICT Policy and Regulation.

Diploma Programmes(managed by FVDE)

  • Diploma in Business Computing (DBC)
  • Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)
  • Diploma in Office management (DOM)
  • Diploma in E-Commerce
  • Diploma in Web Designing

Short Courses

  • Web Programing
  • Mobile Application Development using Anriod technology
  • Introduction to Multimedia and its Applications
  • Programing in java
  • Programing in C

New Programmes (to be approved)

Bachelors Programs

  • Bachelor of e-Commerce
  • Bachelor of Electronic business system
  • Bachelor in Business Information Systems

Masters Programs

  • MBA Information Systems option.
  • MBA in ICT policy and regulation
  • Masters in Business Computing


Bachelor of Business Computing (BBC)

  • System Analyst
  • Website Administrator
  • Database Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Business Application software Developers
  • Business Analyst
  • Forensic Officers
  • IT Risk Officers
  • IT Project Manager
  • Software Programmers
  • System Designers
  • IT Support Staff
  • Video Editors and Producers
  • Teaching Assistants in universities
  • Tutors in Tertiary Institutions
  • Assistant Lecturers in business colleagues
  • Banking Officers in IT/IS
  • Software Engineers in Telecommunication Industry
  • Cadets in Police(IT/IS Departments)
  • Cadets in Prisons(IT/IS Departments )
  • Computer Laboratory Demonstrators in Primary,Secondary,Tertiary and Universities
  • Assistant IT officers in media industry (Newspaper,Radio and TV )
  • Data entry officers
  • Election IT officers

Bachelor of Office and Information Management

  • Clerks in Judiciary
  • Clerks in Local government Councils( District,Municipalities and LCIII)
  • Assistant Clerks to Parliament
  • Personal Assistants to Members of Parliament
  • Personal Assistants to Executive Directors
  • Personal Assistants to Directors,Managers
  • IT officers
  • Information Officers
  • Record Managers
  • Knowledge Management Consultant
  • Database Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Administrators
  • Customer Information Managers
  • Office Adiministrators/Personal Assistants
  • Front office Managers
  • Research Assistant
  • Librarians
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Teaching Assistants in Universities
  • Tutors in tertiary Institutions
  • Assistant Lecturers in Business Colleges
  • Adiministrative Assistants
  • Assistant Adiministrative Secretaries
  • Cadets in Police
  • Cadets in the Army
  • Cadets in Prisons