Dr. John Paul Kasse
Dr. John Paul KasseHead - Department Of Information System

About the Department of Information Systems

I welcome you to the Information Systems Department, one of the three departments under the faculty of Computing and Informatics. The department is based on 3 pillars i.e.,

  • Academic excellence of staff and students

  • Research and Innovations

  • Industrial relations.

The department team prioritises excellence of both staff and students in academics and psycho-social well-being. This is achieved through teaching, learning and Skilling Support, and continuous professional development.

Our students at both undergraduate and post graduate levels are trained using cutting edge technologies and exposed to industry practice through internship, industrial placements in collaboration with our industry partners.

Through research and innovations, the department staff and students undertake research in various areas that include ICT4D, IOT, Data Science, AI and machine learning, Embedded Systems, e-health, e-learning among others. We always look forward to creating and expending new knowledge, and developing novel artifacts that provide solutions to challenges within our communities. The staff in the department are well published in peer review journals.

With industrial relations we strive to create partnerships of mutual benefit with the industry stakeholders. We engage formally and informally with the business community through which we create knowledge, data and systems purposed for solving problems.

We are always open to listen and interact with all stakeholders in our ecosystem. As we enable the future of our clients, we strive to be the leaders in IS and Computing Education, research and Innovation.