A. Books in progress
1. E-learning in Higher Education
2. Leadership and Management of Higher Education with Case studies from selected Universities in Uganda

B. Papers accepted for Publication
1. Bada Joseph Kizito and Asianzu Elizabeth. ICT Entrepreneurship model for digital inclusion of rural youth and women.
2. Bada Joseph Kizito and Asianzu Elizabeth, Lugemwa Brian, Namataba Josephine, Atceru Milburga. An empirical study for e-learning uptake by teaching staff at Makerere University Business School
3. Nyeko Sonny, Musa Moya, Kituyi Mayoka, Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use of Mobile Money Service and Financial Inclusion in Uganda, accepted for publication in International Conference on Advances in Big Data, Computing and Data Communications Systems (icABCD) journal.
4. Mukuuma, K., Engotoit B. & Mwase A. Examining the influence of E-banking security on customer satisfaction in Uganda. A case of Ugandan commercial Banks. Submitted to the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries

C. Ongoing Research
1. Bada Joseph Kizito, Nyero Abdallah, Asianzu Elizabeth, Namuwaya Hajarah Ali, Nakawoya Fatuma (2020). Harnessing renewable energy technologies in un- electrified communities in Uganda. Under review for the August 30, 2020 PowerAfrica IEEE Conference in Nairobi.
2. Bada Joseph Kizito, Abima Bonface, Olema Hamza, Nyero Abdallah, Asianzu Elizabeth. Study on use of e-learning pedagogy at Primary School Colleges in West Nile region of Uganda.
3. Sonny Nyeko, Judith Among, Joseph Odiya & Comrade. Towards Sustainable Electronic Waste Management in Uganda: Baseline Survey and Best Practices.
4. Kasse John Paul, Edward Kabaale, Charles Olupot, Mohammed Kigundu, Remmie Namutangula, Robert Kyeyune, Claire Kangwaje & Akodu. Leveraging Technology to Improve Implementation and Monitoring of the SAGE programme.
5. Bada Joseph Kizito, Elizabeth Asianzu, Miiro Maria K, Fatuma Nakawoya, Abima Bonface, Nyero Abdallah & Namuwaya Hajara. Developing and Testing Digital Games for Teenage Reproductive and Mental Health Education.
6. Ismael Kato, Abima Boniface, Gorretti Byomire and Engotoit Bernard. Adoption of Assistive Technologies for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education Institutions in Uganda.
7. Kyeyune Robert, Mlay Samali V., Walugembe R., and Ssembatya Vincent. Movement Permit and Tracking System.
8. Ssentumbwe Abdul, Walugembe A., Mujabi S., Golooba U. Modelling Machine Translation of Uganda Ministry of Health Emergency Communication from English to chosen local languages.
9. Bada Joseph Kizito, Nyero Abdallah, Asianzu Elizabeth, Namuwaya Hajarah Ali, Nakawoya Fatuma. (2020). Renewable Energy Technologies for e-services in un- electrified communities in rural West Nile region of Uganda.
10. Bada Joseph Kizito, Asianzu Elizabeth, Nyero Abdallah, Abima Bonface. A study on attitudes and behavioural intentions of Graduate students towards e-learning.
11. Kemigisha Shamim, Moya Musa. Trust propensity a mediator of attitude towards adoption and readiness to accept e-voting in Uganda.
12. Kemigisha Shamim, Moya Musa. Determinants of readiness to accept e-voting in Uganda.
13. Asianzu E. Mukimba F & Akello K. C. A Video Mediated Application for Strengthening the Linkage between Women Smallholder Farmers and Extension Services in Uganda
14. Engotoit B., Miwanda A. Harnessing the untapped potential/ power of ICTs to transform the public transport sector. A case of metered passenger transport in Kampala

Dr. Samali V. Mlay
January 12, 2023
Faculty Research Coordinator/Senior Lecturer