We are thrilled to announce the launch of an immersive 20-Day Embedded Systems Training, proudly sponsored by the Faculty of Computing and Informatics in collaboration with TME Education Company. This unique program is set to empower our students with the latest skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of embedded systems.

Key Details:

Training Duration: 20 Days
Sponsored By: Faculty of Computing and Informatics
Conducted By: TME Education Company
Gratitude to Our Supporters:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following key figures for their pivotal roles in making this initiative a reality:

Prof. Sonny (Dean, Faculty of Computing and Informatics)
Your unwavering support has paved the way for this transformative training program. Your commitment to academic excellence continues to inspire us.

Dr. John Paul Kasse (Head of Department, Information Systems)
Your expertise and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the curriculum, ensuring that our students receive industry-relevant training that aligns with the latest technological advancements.

Mr. Charles Olupot (Director, MUBS ICT Centre)
Your leadership and guidance in the field of ICT have been invaluable. We appreciate your efforts in coordinating and facilitating this training, contributing to the growth of our students.

What to Expect:

Hands-On Learning: Participants will engage in practical sessions, gaining hands-on experience in designing and developing embedded systems.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The training is crafted to meet the demands of the ever-evolving technology landscape, ensuring our students are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Certificate of Completion: Upon successfully completing the 20-day program, participants will be awarded a certificate, recognizing their dedication and expertise in embedded systems.

This 20-Day Embedded Systems Training marks a significant step towards providing our students with the skills needed to thrive in the digital era. We invite all interested individuals to join us on this exciting journey.